Sightseer’s points in Bergen that are visited the most

Positioned on the neck of land of Bergenshalvoyen, Bergen is the second largest city of Norway. The town is covered with a series of steep hills that are locally known and cherished as ‘Seven Mountains.’

The innate sightseeing places with their epic beauty act as magnets that attract a lot of visitors, which makes it one of the top-rated, most visited, and loved destinations.

Check out these places mentioned below that offers you best free tour Bergen:

  1. Jondal: the city possesses a lot of historical sites and cultural venues like Agatunet, Norsk Vasskraft, etc. it is found within the Hardanger district.
  2. Lysoen Island: visitors come here to enjoy picnics and walking and spend quality time around the multiple ponds. Monastery of Lyse attracts most people.
  3. Mount Floyen: it is a hill range whose peak offers you magnificent views f surrounding hills, forests and lakes. It is famous for hiking and mountain biking.
  4. Fantoft stave church: initially build in 1150, the church was rebuilt in 1997 as it collapsed in 1992 cause of a fire. It is found in the suburb of Bergen.
  5. Hardanger fjord: renown as Norway’s second largest and world’s fourth largest Fjord, it is a popular destination for those who enjoy glaciers and waterfalls. You want a perfect postcard photo; this is the place for you.

If you love to explore the deep culture, language, customs, and belief of the place, then Bergen is the place for you. You get to visit landscapes and discover the rich history it has to offer you.

As you go through the art, the science and face the excellent daring adventure on your tour, you would know what a great place Bergen is!

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