Spring Mattress Vs Memory foam mattress – Which is better? A buyer’s guide to make the right choice

While choosing a mattress, comfort is the most important factor. Even when it comes to health benefits, comfort is placed prior. Recently, the mattress market has welcomed umpteen number of mattresses like water beds, air beds, pillow tops, etc.Even specialized mattresses for Adjustable beds Houston have also increased, that were initially used only in hospitals.

With too many options it becomes difficult to make the right choice. It is more difficult to choose the best of two. Spring mattresses and memory foam mattresses are equally popular. Here is a complete guide to find the differences between the two




 Inner spring mattresses have been in use since ages. The construction, type of material, cost and every detail are even known to the commoner. On the other hand a memory foam mattress like the one used foradjustable beds Houstonwas launched in the late 1950s. Therefore, there are people in remote still in doubt to buy a memory foam mattress


As point of contact in the memory foam mattress is greater than spring mattress, resting comfort is better. The memory foam mattress gives a hugging effect. Therefore, people who like to sleep without the feel, should opt for spring mattresses.

When one buys a standard foundation or adjustable beds in Houston,it essential to learn the construction of the mattress to match it perfectly. Only then the complete comfort  can be enjoyed.


The spring mattress is made of springs, wool and fabric. The springs are evenly placed, connected with a wire over a strong padding. The fabric is then stuffed into the arrangement. Therefore, the mattress is very bouncy. Overall, it is best suited for users who love natural products.

On the other hand, memory foam mattresses are made of a chemical compound called polyurethane. The material remembers the pressure of the user for few seconds. When the user presses it with his hands, the impression stays there for few seconds and hence the name. This make it to conform the user’s body allowing better support to the hip, neck, backbone areas.

Adjustable beds

The adjustable beds Houstonare gaining popularity. With springs and hard structure, the spring mattresses cannot be used on adjustable beds. The memory foam mattresses are good option. Especially a thinner foam suits better.

Air circulation

The air circulation in spring mattresses is better as there are many pores. This keeps the sleeper stay cool. However, it attracts bugs and mites. On the other hand, memory foam mattresses are resistant to bugs and mites due to the material used in their making.

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