Top Advantages of Using Plug Gauges

Plugs gauges are commonly used device used for the inspection of several product lines because of their comparative ease of use. They access the conformity of objects to the prescribed specifications. They will typically resemble a rod with ends carefully fashioned so that one end forms the upper limit and the other forms the lower limit. It offers several advantages like:-

  • Plug gauges can determine in a fast and highly accurate manner if a part should be accepted or needs to be rejected. It provides quantifiable results which can be used for the testing process.

plugs gauges 3

  • Because of their simple working principle, they are quite easy to use and anybody can be simply trained on using them.
  • Being small, these gauges are highly portable and facilitate application usage regardless of the location.
  • Compared to other inspection tools, they are quite economical and do not require heavy investment.
  • They can be easily assembled within a couple of minutes by the inspection personnel.
  • They can be used with holes of various dimensional specifications and in different applications.

plugs gauges 4

Plug gauges do not consume either energy or electricity. Depending on minimal resources, the task can be undertaken manually thereby reducing dependence on other expensive inspection tools and equipment.

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