How to extend the life of your mattress through simple maintenance

You can extend the life of your mattress through simple maintenance techniques.This is necessary and regardless of the type of mattress that you have purchased. A good quality mattress that is maintained properly can last for as long as 10 to 15 years.This is actually a good investment considering the fact that you will spend one third of that period on it.To ensure that it reaches this life span of 15 years simple maintenance of all mattresses from Mattress Sales Lone Tree is mandatory.Maintenance is also necessary to ensure that you receive warranty cover.

Why rotation of a mattress is important?

With manufacturers claiming good life span for a mattress,it may sometimes be difficult to understand why rotation is necessary.The weight of the body is most likely to be exerted on a particular area of the mattress.This way it is more like a dead weight.For an extended period of time the body is weight will be exerted on certain locations.As a result the core of the foam is likely to get compressed after a particular period of time.This will result in a condition where certain portions of the matters are soft while other persons are not compressed.With rotation you will be able to evenly distribute the pressure across the mattress.This will ensure that the mattress will last longer and offer better comfort levels.

Why is it important to flip a mattress

While it may be easy to understand the reason for rotating a mattress,it may sometimes be difficult to understand the logic behind flipping a mattress. . There is a very simple reason behind the logic.However it needs to be remembered that not all mattresses can be flipped over.Certain models on mattresses cannot be flipped over.The reason behind flipping over a mattress is to ensure that the pressure applied on certain areas of the mattress are released and evenly distributed.This will make mattresses from a Mattress Sales Lone Tree last longer with ultimate cushioning quality and comfort level.

Ideally a mattress needs to be rotated and are flipped once in 6 months. However if you do find that time and are interested to do this frequently,there is no harm in rotating and flipping the mattress regularly.This will also serve as a good idea to rid the mattress of mites and dust.

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