Why Everyone Needs to Take Time Out and Go to Retreats Alone

Most of us lead a hectic and busy life. The little free time we have, we like to spend with our friends and families. If we are alone, we tend to stick to our smartphones, TV, or videogames.  But we avoid solitude at all costs. It is something that most are afraid of as they see it as a sign of loneliness and sadness.

It is also seen as a strong indication of being anti-social. However, studies have shown plenty of physical and psychological benefits of seeking some solitude from time to time. Few of them are:

  • Solitude gives a chance to your brain to rest and rejuvenate itself. With no distractions, you can rest in the true sense and rejuvenate your mind and body. You become a better person just by refreshing yourself in peace.
  • The relaxation and revitalization of your body and mind in solitude improves your concentration as well as help you increase your productivity. You find yourself performing much better.
  • Spending some time in solitude helps your inner self to surface. You are no longer influenced by any other person or group, and there is no need to impress any other person. Thus, you form an independent opinion and choice which is bound to make you a happier person.

There are numerous other advantages of spending some time in solitude. If you are finding it challenging to do it all by yourself; you could try it in a 7-day meditation retreat. Once you become accustomed to it and have started reaping its benefits; you can integrate a meditation practice into your daily routine.

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