Questions on adjustable bed and adjustable bed accessories

A survey says that only 65% of the Americans get the right amount of sleep. Therefore, it becomes essential to create awareness about the importance of good sleep. One such tool to get a good night sleep is the adjustable bed. However, there are lot of doubts and hesitations on using the product

The article answers the general user questions about adjustable beds



Do adjustable beds require special expandable sheets?

            No. One can use normal sheets. The only problem is that the sheets bunch while adjusting the bed. There are rubber sheets exclusively designed for adjustable beds. They can be found in any mattress sale Glendale AZ. However, they are not advisable.

It is mainly because rubber does not absorb the heat of the body, rather emits heat. It is not good for health. Also, increased body temperature disturbs the sleep. Therefore, the very purpose of adjustable beds is lost with such sheets

Can the headboards be attached?

            Most of the bases bought from the mattress saleGlendale AZaccommodate the provision of headboard.

Are box spring and bed frame needed?

            The box spring has become an outdated fashion. If the buyer has saved one at home, he can get cash by selling them to a nearby resale service provider or to a disposal service provider.

The adjustable bed frame from the mattress sale Glendalewill only need a mattress.

Will the buyer need a special assembly tool?

            Enquire the supplier if he delivers an assembled bed. Most of the adjustable beds come as fully assembled set. If not, the solution is simple. One might only need to attach the legs to the body. An extra hand will be required as the base is heavy. Make sure to keep a surge protector and a grounded outlet for safety purposes.

What if the remote of the bed is lost?

            In such situation one can easily get similar workable remote in any mattress sale Glendale AZ.

What are the adjustable features of the bed?

            This differs for different products. The head and foot part can be raised and lowered. This adjustment is common and is present in all adjustable beds. However, only some manufacturers provide the option of adjusting the lumbar part. The cost of such feature is greater than the normal adjustable beds.

There are other features like massaging, height adjustments, etc. as well, and you can opt for one that is most suitable for your needs and one that fits in your budget.

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