Using Ear Tapers Safely to Stretch Your Ears

Body modifications have been around for centuries and are a practice that spans over space and time. They have been used to convey ones status in the society, enhance one’s appearance or provide sexual pleasure. One of the most common types of body modification is ear stretching.


There are a number of different methods to stretch your ears, but the easiest way is by using ear tapers. You will be required to purchase ear tapers from the market. It is best to know the measurements of the widest and the narrowest part of the ear tapers before you buy it. For beginners, it is best to opt for steel tapers as they do not absorb bacteria and infections and can be easily sterilised before using them. Most people looking to stretch their ears start with stretching up to 2mm. For this, you will need to purchase taper that is 1.6mm at the narrowest end and about 2mm at the widest one. Get More Info about Ear Tapers, please check


It is best to have patience and do not try to go all the way to the largest size quickly. It will not only be painful, but can increase the chances of infections. One needs to massage their lobes and help with the circulation in the area after every stretching procedure.

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