Top Features of Home Automation System in 2016

Technology has made it easier for us to do the work without any stress and with minimal efforts. Home automation is one such advanced system, which is quite advantageous for users. You can control devices at home from a mobile appliance from anywhere.


Top Qualities of the Device:

  • Any electrical device functioning at home can be controlled like heating and cooling appliances, light or any electric fixtures designed for home usage.
  • All the appliances are connected by a remote through network.
  • It is mostly used for security purposes to keep valuables safe from burglary or other mischievous miscreants. Doors, windows, locks, alarm system, smoke detectors and security cameras is linked to it to help you watch safety of your home even while you are globe- trotting.
  • It assists in knowing things happening at your home while you are away. This helps you to immediately rectify the matter like leakage of gas, continuous flow of water from leaking taps or to close windows, which was forgotten to be secured while moving out.

1Home automation system of 2016:

Till few years, the automated control was used only in malls, in large offices, yachts and in luxurious homes. You just need to set the schedule and everything works in accordance to your wish.

It works by assigning every electric appliances and systems an IP address to be monitored using remote. It is connected to local area network via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. This helps in IP based inventory tracking. The wireless home security technology has given a great relief to home makers to enjoy their holiday or business tour without fearing about the security of their home.

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