Teenage Symptoms of Drug Addiction – Signs to Look for

Most of the people who get into drug addiction do not realize that they have a problem until it is already late. It is especially the teenagers who are more prone to becoming addicts because of peer pressure and due to the difficult phase in their lives they might be going through. By being observant parents and teachers can identify the problems and get them the help they need.


Some of the warning signs of teenage drug addiction are –

  • One of the main symptoms is getting into trouble at school. The student will start to miss classes and will get easily bored doing activities at school. This will lead to bad grades and lack of focus at school.
  • Teenagers will want to get as much money as they can in order to get more drugs. They would start doing unacceptable things like selling off items or stealing in order to get regular supply of the drugs.
  • The teenager will stop caring about how they look. They will not want to groom themselves or buy new clothes and live hygienically.
  • The teenager will also display sudden behavioural changes like rage, paranoia, sleepiness or even extreme happiness.


Once you have truly identified that the teenager has some problem, you need to be able to get them into a codependency treatment center where they will be treated by professionals so that they are able to get their body rid of the drugs and start a new life because they have their whole lives ahead of them.

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