Special buttons used in the On-site Microsoft Excel Training

The very first question which clicks in your mind is that, what is On-site Microsoft Excel Training?  The meaning of this word “on-site”, means providing training of this particular topic online with the use of the high-speed internet. Excel is a part of MS Office which is used to create the spreadsheets on the computer system.

Excel is the organize data, perform calculations, create charts, and much more.  This is the most convenient program as it allows its users to create a large sheet for the better storage of information.

Overview of excel:

  • In the workbook of excel, there is the infinite number of sheets in any workbook.
  • Each workbook contains the infinite number of columns and rows.
  • Cell, where a column and a row intersects.
  • Tab, at the bottom of the screen which shows the different worksheets of any workbook.

Special buttons:

The special buttons used in the On-site Microsoft Excel Training, are mention below-

Ctrl + N: This official button is to open the new document.

Ctrl+ O: This official button is to open the existing document.

Ctrl+ S: This official button is to save a document.

F12: This official button is to print a document.

Ctrl + W: To close a document.

Excel sheets of Microsoft have some more special kind of terms, like tabs, Groups, Commands, etc.  Tabs: there are seven tabs approx. which is available for the variety of tasks. They placed at the top of the window. Groups: Groups are the sets of all the related displays, commands on the different tabs. Commands:  A command is a box, button, menu, and where you enter all kind of information

How to editing fill?

If someone wants to learn the editing of the On-site Microsoft Excel Training-

1.)  In the active cell of your excel sheet, in the lower right-hand corner, you get the option of “FILL HANDLE.” Where, you can hold your mouse over the top position of the cell.

2.)  If you can click on the column and then drag it down in a column or across the row and it will copy all that numbers of the other cells too.

3.)  If you have two cells, then excel will work in a series, or it can complete your pattern.

In the above article, we mention all the necessary things which are used in the On-site Microsoft Excel Training.

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