Mattress Foundations You Need to Know Before You Purchase One

Besides size, material and type of your mattress, you should be keen to know if the kind of foundation you have will be compatible with the mattress or not. Mattress Store Washington Square should be in a position to advice you accordingly so that you set the best foundation for your mattress. Below are some of the foundation types and the perfect mattress that can be used for every foundation.

Box Spring Foundations

These are wonderful wooden frames that contain a series of heavy duty coils meant to support innerspring and memory foam mattresses. They keep your mattress off the ground and you also add an extra comfort because when you turn or change positions, the compressions are reduced, you just feel like you are swinging. They are not fit for latex mattresses though because latex mattresses are heavy and can break the box foundation easily.

Platform Beds

These are one piece low profile beds or frames that offer a basic resting place for your mattress. There are parallel or horizontal structures that support your mattress so that when you sleep, you don’t turn involuntarily. It is perfect for all kinds of mattresses and it offers reliable support to both kids and adults so you don’t have to worry at any cost.If You Are Looking For the Best Mattress Store Washington Square, Please Check

Foundation Beds

Many people confuse them with box springs but they are not because unlike box springs, these ones offer a wonderful flat surface for your mattress from Mattress Firm Washington Squareto rest on. This type of foundation does not distribute your weight so you will always end up feeling fatigued in some areas of your body especially if you sleep on one side. Memory foam mattresses have been a major option for people with these kinds of beds so you don’t need to look for another mattress type.

Adjustable Foundation Beds

These are flexible position beds that can place the user in his or her preferred position. Most of them require a very flexible mattress to enable them turn and bend without any inconvenience. You can adjust them to watch TV, keep your legs up or even lower your head down. Mattress Store Washington Square has a specific type of mattress for these kinds of foundations but you cannot use latex mattresses for this kind of foundation. Adjustable beds are hard to buy and maintain but they yield the comfort many people are looking for.

Always consider your foundation before you buy a mattress because even the size of your foundation matters a lot.

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