How to Maintain Your Spinning Reel

As a common occurrence most of us dump the fishing tackles like spinning reels in a corner after returning from a fishing expedition. However, what we do not realize is that it will seriously affect the lifespan of the equipment. The device needs to be taken care of the same day and put away nicely. Below mentioned are some noteworthy spinning reel maintenance tips.


After returning from the fishing expedition or at the end of day, it is important to remove the spinning reel spool and rinse it with some clean and fresh water. Care should be taken not to just dunk it in any close by lake, pond or stream as some impurities may get stuck. Once cleaned, it should be dried with a cotton cloth and the essential parts lubricated with some light oil. Some essential parts that must be lubricated are the center shafts, line roller, crank handle knobs and shaft, the anti-reverse selector switch and the bail hinge springs. The entire procedure takes less than five minutes.


Once in a while it requires a thorough cleaning by dismantling all its parts and cleaning them thoroughly from inside using cleansers and various brushes. Before assembling, they should be oiled as well. This will greatly enhance the life of the reel.

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