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Have you ever heard about the lemon car? If yes, then you will know the person who has dealt with it. It can happen to anyone, so if you ever have to face this thing, you may come through many things.

There are so many things you have to consider and so many requirements to fulfill, and only you will claim it.

Lemon law is designed to give the right to the buyer; through this, they can get a refund or replacement for the fraud that has happened to them.

Now the questions which may arise in your mind if you are going through the same situation and those are mentioned in the following points-

Things that make the car lemon

  • The car has a substantial defect that can be cover by the warranty if the car is in the warranty period, and the defect should be present there even after giving it for repair multiple times.
  • If the car has not been any defect in the warranty period and you face a problem after that, you cannot claim it. Even if you are facing a warranty problem, you also need to do it directly to the dealer and not any other mechanic.

Substantial defect

  • To apply the lemon law, the car should have some substantial defect, which means that the defect should be serious, interfering with the car’s operations. For example, the defect which affects the operation of brakes.
  • You need to make sure that the defects which have to happen to your vehicle should be within a certain period of time, which is, it should be within the warranty period.
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