Garcinia Cambogia-Putting the Weight Loss Supplement to Test

The Garcinia Cambogia fruit is native to Indonesia, but it is also grown across the globe so access to the fruit’s extract is easy. When buying Garcinia Cambogia to achieve weight loss, it is important for you to read the ingredients that have gone into its making.


Brands that have artificial ingredients, fillers or binders in Garcinia Cambogia supplements should be avoided. Ingredients such as potassium, chromium and calcium are safe.  Make sure the product has 60 percent HCA. With regard to dosage, the capsules can be taken 3 times a day before meals, and the strength should be at least 800 mg.  Be careful not to go over this limit as some side effects like stomach pain may then be experienced. Always consult your physician before using any supplements as the general health of a person needs to be ascertained before taking such supplements. The good news is that you no longer have to bear the burden of being overweight. For more information about garcinia cambogia, please visit


In a study where two groups of people took part using two different diets, the group taking HCA lost more pounds in the same time frame. The International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy also published an article detailing Garcinia Cambogia as a highly effective adjunct to healthy weight control.

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