Floor Lamps That Can Transform The Way Your Room Looks

Floor lamps can add to the functionality and appearance of any space, provided they are selected carefully.

Factors to consider before choosing floor lamps

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Before choosing floor lamps, an important aspect to consider is their placement. Correct placement can help in even distribution of light. It is advisable to select a floor lamp of an appropriate height that can hide the bulb at all positions of the shade.

Floor lamps may be selected on the basis of purpose. A wide range of floor lamps are available, which can be used for a number of purposes including creation of focused lighting, mood lighting or to add brightness to a particular space.

While choosing floor lamps, you may consider the kind of light required. A capiz floor lamp can be chosen for ambient lighting. To provide accent to a space, lamps with opaque shades may be chosen. It is also advisable to select a floor lamp considering the size of the room. This ensures that the lamp provides ample light in addition to enhancing the appeal of the room.


Varieties of floor lamps

The various styles of floor lamps include:

  • Round base console lamps that have a globe or cloth shade.
  • The tall torchiere lamps that cast light upwards.
  • Arc lamps which are suitable for reading spaces.
  • Swing arm lamps which are used for direct lighting.
  • Track tree lamps which have multiple lighting sources.
  • Tray lamps which have built in trays that saves floor space.

Floor lamps apart from acting as light sources, also create a welcoming atmosphere and enhance the appeal of a space

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