Benefits Of Checking Running Status Of Your Train Online

People have found it extremely useful to check live running status of trains they want to board or get off. This is particularly helpful for those people who wish to opt for middle train stations instead of their original destinations.

A very helpful tool

This tool provides information on the current train stoppage, exact train arrival time at a station and the halting time. Passengers are able to acquire some idea about actual train arrival time with the help of their laptops and mobile phones.


As a result, they can easily prepare for their destination and deal with any kind of train delay, if present. Apart from current train running status, online portals also tell about a train’s exact location or interval duration.


  • You acquire complete information regarding a train’s departure time from every station it crosses and the time interval of its stoppages.
  • It saves time by preventing you from sitting in waiting rooms and wasting your time away.
  • You get an idea about the timings of you train.
  • In case your train is overdue for a long period of time, you can go back to your house for the time being and come back some time before the train arrival. This way, you can ensure a trouble-free journey.
  • You can avoid missing your stoppage or station, if you plan to get off the train at some middle station instead of the original one.


In case of delays

You just need a well-functioning internet connectivity to see the delay of the train, on your laptop or mobile phone. Once you come to know about the delay, you can easily prevent unnecessary waiting and annoyance.

Various online portals are available on internet for people to use and track their train’s current running status. All you have to do is to enter the name or the code of your train and wait for the complete information to come up.

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