What are the different conditions examined at the immigration clinic in Canada?

In the 21st century, a majority of people are planning to move to different countries for their higher education or to boost up their professional life. And for this, you have to go through a significant procedure, and the medical examination is one part of it.

The Panel Physician North York immigration clinic is considered one of the most trustful clinics which have the team of the most reputed doctor to perform your medical examination.

And if you not much about it, make sure that the immigration council approves the clinic you have chosen for your medical test.

Below mentioned are some of the conditions which are examined at the immigration clinic.


This is the most common health issue faced by the people of all the age groups, and the individuals have to go through the examination of this problem, and if he is found positive, then the consultation with the surgeon is necessary so that he will able to give the best possible solution to cope up with this issue and he will suggest you to have the best treatment before applying for the visa application.


This is the other medical condition that can become a life-threatening problem if precaution is not taken at the appropriate time.

As you know that individual has to carry his past medical reports during the examination at immigration clinic and you also have to provide the full detail of the treatment you have taken and if you have not received any kind of therapy to heal from this issue then also you have to justify the reason to the surgeon.

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