Top Mistakes That Most Men Make on their First Date and Why You Need to Avoid Them

It is a commonly seen scenario that even though the boy and the girl are physically interested in each other, and are attracted to each other, they lose interest in each other after the first date. This is the same with young and older adults. This is because relationship is not only about looks, and the person has to have a compatible personality and nature as well. If the man and the woman are not compatible with each other, then there would be no point trying to date each other. Here are the mistakes you should avoid as a man on the first date –

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  • Do not spend too much on the first date even if it leads to the second date as the woman might just be interested in the luxuries and not you.
  • It is best not to discuss your ex or your past girlfriends during the first few dates.
  • Do not discuss about the reasons why you left your ex no matter how relevant they may be to the conversation.

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These are the few mistakes that men make on their first date, which actually repel the women away. Women have different taste these days, and if you are not able to showcase the taste they are looking for, it won’t take long before she vanishes from the date, as well as your life. Men should not come across as dominating, and the one who just likes to talk about himself. Men should also be caring and must know how to respect women and her feelings. Guys who are very pretentious do not score too well with women as well.

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A gentleman is one who would listen to the woman and understand her feelings, even when it is the first date. The personality should be accommodative, but not self-compromising. It is actually possible to keep the attitude, while still being caring and compassionate. Women look for men who are possessive yet open minded, and would not actually block their way of life. Things have changed and evolved in terms of lifestyle over years, and the preferences of the women have changed as well. Gone are the days, when women were not considered equal and only things they were good at was to cook and clean. If you showcase this type of personality, you better call off the date already, and learn from Pandora’s Box VinDicarlo before going on your next date.

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