Places that travelers love to visit in Stockholm!

Stockholm is the best place to visit if you are interested in exploring art, culture, history, museums, music, theatre, food, etc.! Anyone interested would love to spend their holidays or vacation here. The first things about Stockholm would be that it is the capital of Sweden, a country in Europe.

Stockholm is near the Baltic Sea. Therefore, you will see a lot of bridges and ships around. Here is the free walking tour Stockholm for you to narrow down the places you would like to visit!

Here is the list of place for you to visit as per your interest:

Places to explore outdoor:

Djurgarden: this place is perfect if you wish to stroll! You may take a canoe and head into the waterways if you are into adventure. You can ride ferries and boats meant for sightseeing the places surrounded by islands!

Places to witness art and culture:

The Royal Palace: this is also known as the “queen’s island.” It comprises of royal palace and museums that are open for the general public to visit and cherish. The castle has 600 rooms and inbuilt museum that leave the tourist in awe.

Places to see the limited editions, the museums:

Vasa Museum: this is the place I mentioned above that has the marvelous collection of the ships that were used to fight wars.

Places to connect you with the history of the area:

Drottningholm Slottsteater:  this is the theater that was built in 1766 and currently listed in UNESCO! It shows the vast history and culture back at the time.

Local Places to visit in extra time to blend in:

Gamla Stan: it is the “old town” of Stockholm that preserves the medieval time of the place. It has the most attractive cafés, restaurants, and boutique for you to take back some souvenir for your near & dear ones.

These are particular and most famous places in Stockholm for you to visit. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Visit Stockholm to explore many such places.

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