The Best Way To Store Mattress

You may need to go for a long holiday or you just want to temporarily keep your mattress for whatever reason it is that you have, needless to say, storing mattress should be done right. You can ask the mattress store Friendswood from where you purchased your mattress on how to work on it or you can follow the guidelines suggested below:



The Best Way To Store Mattress

  • Clean the mattress thoroughly before storing

There are many ways mattress store Friends wood will suggest, but vacuuming among all of the cleaning techniques is the easiest. Follow the cleaning steps below before storing:

  • Strip the bed and remove it from the frame
  • Dust baking soda and let it absorb persistent odor
  • Vacuum the baking soda
  • Let your mattress settle for an hour or more before following the next step

Wrap it with plastic

Before you move it to your storage area, wrap it with plastic and secure it using packaging tape. A breathable, light plastic is best to consider so moisture will not get trapped when stored.

Make sure that the mattress stays covered almost, if not all the time it is in the storage room.

There are available mattress bags you can purchase, and they are most of the time available in the mattress store Friendswood from where you purchased your mattress.

  • If moving the mattress in a truck, make sure truck is covered

Covered moving vehicle is recommended to ensure that transit of mattress from one point to another is safe. Do not tie mattress on top of your vehicle as that is unsafe and may cause deformation.

Other than the plastic wrapped on it, cover it with old sheets or blankets for added protection.

  • Lay it flat when stored

You may prop it on the side to save you space, but unfortunately, that is not the best way to store it. Carrying it upright is fine but storing it is not. Make sure you lay it flat, same as how you position it when using the mattress.

  • Do not place anything above the mattress while storing

Placing even light objects on top of the mattress while storing may give mattress further wear and tear. Instead of putting objects on top of it, put your mattress on top of objects to save space.

For more specific storing guidelines, make sure to ask the mattress store Friends wood before purchasing one.

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