Deciding on the Right Staple Gun For Quick Fastening Jobs

For quick fastening jobs, nothing works better than staplers. Driving in multiple staplers at a time, they are much better and faster than hammering a nail. They can server various functions like securing fabrics, carpet padding, screening, weather stripping and more. Apart from the normal office stapler and the plier-grip stapler, various other staplers are also available for workshop use.


A major type is the manual spring powered tool called as the trigger gun stapler. You hold the work with one hand and the gun with the other. One simply compresses the trigger to activate its spring mechanism and drive in the staples. They are available in light and heavy versions.


The light duty staple gun mostly loads three sizes of staples but the best heavy duty staple gun can hold five sizes of staples. Thus the heavy duty stapler can handle greater variety of jobs. But they weigh almost as twice as the lighter version. Also they require much more muscle power to squeeze their trigger which might not suit all. Thus the lighter version is ideal for jobs that require light tacking. Electric versions are also available and ideal for extensive jobs.  Depending on the job, the ideal staple gun can be selected.

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