Can you get the safe mode on your Windows 10 computer with a recovery drive?


If your computer is failing and you need to find some way to repair it, the fundamental thing is starting by testing the safe mode. This is the infallible technique of the system to detect possible basic errors that has to do primarily with figuration. If the safe mode does not yield anything, then you may have to opt for more advanced methods.

The Windows 7 version had us used to a simple command that allowed us to quickly and easily access the safe mode version. There we only had to select which option of safe mode suits us more.

With Windows 10 we have to opt for a different modality, but the problem is that they are not as accessible and easy to use as the first one. If you are looking for a technique to boot windows 10 in safe mode, then this could work.If you Want to boot windows 10 in safe mode, Please Check Scuttlenet

If you have any recovery drive obtained from a recovery drive application, all you need to do is insert it into the computer and act in a similar way to an installation. After selecting akeyboard layout, the system will give you three options. Among them, you must select Troubleshoot.


Then you should only select the advanced options, there you must click on the Startup setting and then you must reset the computer. There you simply have to select the safe mode method of your preference (without or with internet connection).


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