Do you know about the quickest goals in the premier league? Read below!

Football is all about kicking the ball and making it enter the goal post of the opponent team. One of the biggest football leagues in the world is the premier league, and many highly skilled players play it.

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There have been numerous goals scored in the premier league that will shock you to a great extent. Hitting a goal quickly is always in a match is always a special moment for the playeras it gives the lead to his team.

There are have been some such moments, and so following are some of the fastest premier league goals in history.

Some of the fastest goals made in the premier league

Shane long

Shane Long has a record of the fasted goal in the premier league.He made the football reach the opponent’s goalpost in mere 7.69 seconds, which is the fastest time. He blocked the clearance and chipped the ball into the goal ion flash of seconds. It was quite awe-striking and surprising.

Ledley King

King raised the standards for the other players in the league as he was the first player to hit a goal in less than 10 seconds.He hit this goal from the sideline as he had just picked up the ball from outside the area and kicked it into the goal. The record remained in his name for more than 19 years, but later it was broken by Shane Long as mentioned above.

Alan Shearer

Manchester City is one of the top clubs, and scoring a goal against it is always special. Alan Shearer scored a goal against Manchester City as their goalkeeper made a mistake while clearing the ball, and it gave an opportunity to Alan to hit the ball in the goal.

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