How to Go About Choosing a New Mattress

When the time comes to choose a new mattress, there are two important things that you have to consider before heading to mattress store Portland: the basic qualities of the mattress and the type of sleeper that you are. When you consider the way you sleep in relation to the mattress type which is available, it will be very easy for you to narrow down your options.

Things to consider when you go buying a mattress at mattress store Portland include:

  • Sleeping position: As a person, you must be having your favorite sleeping position that you enjoy sleeping most of the time. With different sleeping position, the mattress requirements are different. So the type of mattress you are going to settle for will depend on whether you are a back, side, stomach or a combination sleeper.


In most cases, if you are a back or stomach sleeper, you will likely prefer to pick a firmer, less conforming mattress when you get to mattress store Portland. But if you are a side sleeper, then you will obviously go for a conforming or softer mattress.


  • Weight:If you are heavyweight, it is possible that you sleep hot and tend to experience sinkage when you sleep on mattresses which are soft as compared to someone who is light.


Most people who are light prefer softer mattresses as compared to firmer options which are preferred by heavier sleepers. Less conforming, supportive mattresses such as hybrid and innerspring choices tend to be bought more often at mattress store Portland by heavy sleepers.


Get a mattress which you will be comfortable on it and which will offer adequate support. You can decide to choose a foam or latex mattress if you are a side sleeper who is heavy so that you avoid problems as far as pressure points are concerned. This will be okay as long as it is doesn’t prove to be difficult to move on and provides support


Sleeping hot or cool: There are mattresses which tend to smake you feel warmer as compared to others. If you decide to buy soft, conforming mattresses, they tend to allow less airflow around your body and they will trap more heat as compared to options which are firmer. The type of material on a mattress can also determine the amount of heat which is retained in your mattress like the solid support cores in foam mattresses.

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