Tips to Enjoy the Segway Tours to the Fullest

If you want to explore the Stockholm city, but do not know where to start, Segway Stockholm tour is exactly what you might be looking for. It is an innovative way to explore the city and very different from the usual bus and car trips that most tourists take.


Here are some tips to keep mind to enjoy your segway tour –

  • You need to ensure that you know where the segway tour is going to start and not where their office located.
  • You need to trust your tour guide and listen to them always. You are sure to benefit from listening to your guide who will uncover some amazing sites, landmarks, popular venues and rich amount of history of the Stockholm city.
  • You should not feel ashamed to ask questions. The tour guide has wealth of knowledge at their fingertips. The best way to explore the city and know more about it is by engaging with the tour guide.
  • You should always pay attention to the road as well as other pedestrians to avoid collisions and hurting yourself and others.


With these tips in mind, you can easily undertake on a new adventure and have the best possible segway tour experience.

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