Hiring a Professional Landscape Architect Becoming Essential

If you are still considering hiring a professional landscape architect for your project, you need to ensure that he or she is right for the job. Sometimes, it might be an option, but there are times when hiring a landscape architect are a must.

Here are some of the top examples when hiring a landscape architect is essential –

Designing Grading Plans

  • Landscape architects are licensed and help you draw a professional grading plan that is important for your project.
  • They can also submit the grading plan on your behalf for approval from the authorities.

Retaining of the Wall Design

  • In case you want a new retaining wall, you need to get approval for it by submitting a drawing that can be done by the landscape architect orange county.
  • The architect will draw a plan depending on the height of the wall, type of soil and also the type of footing in the area.

Sensitive Sites

  • If you are living in a sensitive site, you might need to hire a landscape architect to locate the floodplain or protected wetlands.
  • The architect will also help you determine if the proposed landscape design will need an altering of the way for the public.

Special Conditions

  • Since there are special conditions that might need prior permission, hiring a landscape architect is the best way to get approval.
  • They can draw a plan that will help you get the permission.
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