Tips To Help You Enjoy The Best Experience At The Massage Parlours

Protocols or conduct of behaviour has to be applied in a massage parlour for a better first time experience. Novices may feel nervous to visit the massage parlour.

First research

You must determine your needs and opt for a parlour that provides it. It is wise to visit several massage parlours rather than restricting your search to a specific area. WINKS Massage London is one of the popular places that you must surely try at least once. Click here for winks london video

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Etiquette Tips

Before you leave – You must be clean, so that the masseur enjoys giving a good massage rather than repulsing from your body odour. Take a breathe freshener, if you smoke or drink coffee a lot. Carry the massage charges and leave ID and credit cards, at home.

After arriving – Wait and look around. Any signs that make you feel ill at ease can be a good reason to return home. In case, you see people around, wait for a couple of minutes and move to the door (only if you feel comfortable).

Inside the door – Press the buzzer and you will be let in. You will be asked to pay the house charges. You will be taken to a dimly-lit room and told to become comfortable. The masseur leaves the room. This is a hint to remove your clothes and lie face down on a massage table.

Give a tip – Give her/him a tip on the basis of your satisfaction level. They may ask for more or make an attempt to cash in on your inexperience but be firm. They will understand and won’t try again.

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