Tanning Beds – Major Types Of It, Best Benefits, And Everything You Need To Know!

A bronze glow is something everyone wants, but not all people have sufficient time to sit in sun to get that glow. So, seeking out rays at tanning salon can be one of the best ways to achieve it since there are a number of tanning beds that you can choose from.

The tanning bed differs in type of UV light emitted and intensity. They have the ability to provide you with your desired effects immediately. However, knowing more about them can help you in choosing the right one. So, read on and get informed!

Basic types of tanning beds

Tanning beds basically differ in amount of UVA and UVB rays emitted. Most of the tanning salons feature low, medium, and high pressure tanning beds. While low pressure beds generally release high levels of UVB rays, medium pressure ones feature higher intensity bulb than the lower pressure tanning beds.

On the other hand, high pressure tanning beds generally release higher levels of UVA rays that penetrate deep into skin and lower levels of UVB. Therefore, they are very less damaging to skin than its counterparts.

Best benefits of tanning beds

Most of the high pressure tanning beds have mattress on which you lay on as well as flip over to eliminate those un-tanned creases. Most of them even feature special bulbs that are built for facial tanning that can either be turned on or off, radios, fans, or built in timers.

Thus tanning beds can offer you enhanced mood, improved appearance, increased levels of Vitamin D, and so forth. With the above information, you can now be able to opt for the right tanning bed, right?

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