Minerva Worktops Are Best Solid Surface Alternative for Your Kitchen

Customers get an array of worktop options for their kitchen design. All of them include a set of pros and cons. Visit Minerva worktops online to buy a suitable and customized product.

Reasons to buy Minerva alternative

  • High manufacturing standards
  • Different color options
  • Low cost
  • Non porous
  • Repairable
  • Long lasting (minimum 10 years guarantee)
  • Seamless and hygienic joints, when two different veined work-surfaces are united

Is Minerva worktop suitable?

  • Highly heat-resistant but direct, extreme heat can be damaging
  • Avoid extreme heat from hot pots or frying pans by using hot pad to retain the pristine finish of the solid surface

How to clean Minerva worktop properly?

  • For daily cleaning use regular soap water
  • Use mild abrasive cleaning product to remove minor marks, which soapy water is not capable to eliminate

Minerva versus Corian worktop

  • Minerva work surface is 25 mm in thickness, so there is no need to fabricate it like Corian
  • Blended acrylic sheet is used as Minerva surface material, whereas Corian employs 100% acrylic sheet.
  • Corian worktop is manufactured on bespoke basis, so they cost more than Minerva
  • Prefabricated plain Minerva worktop having different lengths and widths are sold at more affordable rates

Minerva versus Marble worktop

  • Marble is porous, satisfactory repair is impossible , and pattern consistency is not possible
  • Minerva is non-porous and repairable
  • A joint in marble worktop is visible and capable to trap the dirt.

Minerva option helps to attain virtually inconspicuous joints

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