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Cisco Certifications are in itself a mark of excellence when it comes to different paths of technical field. There are specific technical fields in which Cisco Systems provides certifications and there are distinct levels on which it can be done. In the article, you will get a rough idea of the paths and level of certifications. There are ccna, ccnp, ccdp and many other certifications.For More Information About ccnp, Please Visit buyitcert



Special Technical Aspects

The field of technicality for which the company provides certification is varied and comprises of 9 definite paths. They are listed below:

  • Network Security
  • Routing & Switching
  • Industrial Network
  • Datacenter and Wireless
  • Service Provider
  • Storage Networking
  • Voice
  • Service Provider Operations
  • Design

There are names of the certification courses and they are generally valid for a few years. The courses are designed for Sales, Business, data centres, Instructors and specialist technician. There are levels namely Expert, Professional, Associate and Entry-level. One needs specific academic qualification and skills to complete this certification at distinct levels.

Levels Of Certifications

  • Expert level: There are several specific paths as mentioned above and the certifications are allotted according to the capabilities and skills of the practitioner. The expert level comprises:
  1. a) CCAr for Architect specialization
  2. b) CCDE in Design
  3. c) CCIE collaboration
  4. d) CCIE Datacenter
  5. e) CCIE Security
  6. f) CCIE Wireless
  • Professional level: The technicians, instructors or businesses have the option to do professional level certifications to improve set skills on specialized paths. Below find the certifications:
  1. a) Ccnp Routing and Switching
  2. b) CCDP in Design
  3. c) Ccnp in Cloud, collaboration and Datacenter
  • Associate Level: Associate level certifications provided by the Cisco Systems are certainly beneficial for the applicants. Below are the certifications that people can opt for:
  1. a) CCNA Routing and Switching
  2. b) CCDA in Design
  3. c) CCNA Cloud
  4. d) CCNA collaboration
  5. e) CCNA CyberOps
  6. f) CCNA Data Center
  7. g) CCNA Industrial, Security, Wireless and Service Provider

The associate level has the maximum diversity of paths for the ones who have completed the Cisco Certified Entry-level certifications.

  • Entry- level: There is one basic certification for the entry-level people, namely CCENT and CCT, for all specific paths. The above are the current certifications, and there are plenty of certifications that are no longer valid. The technology keeps on changing and makes various certifications outdated and obsolete. The most popular certifications currently are ccna and ccnp.
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